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Our software solution AfM MpDoc reads in complete CALYPSO® test plans and presents the metrologically relevant content in a clear table. Extensive filter functions can be used to limit the display to any information content that can be selected by the operator. The contents of different versions of a test plan can be read in and compared directly with one another, can be planned and take place without unnecessary interruptions.






AfM MpDoc service content

1. Documentation and analysis

AfM MpDoc reads in CALYPSO® test plans and displays the metrologically relevant content in full in a clear table.

Information can be shown or hidden using extensive filter functions. The operator sets what information is shown.

With intelligent search functions, test plans can be analyzed extremely efficiently.

Any picture can be integrated into the documentation: "A picture says more than 1,000 words"

The data selected by the user can be saved either in the AfM MpDoc original format, as an EXCEL table or as a PDF file.


2. Comparison of different test plan contents

The contents of different versions of a test plan can be read in and compared.
AfM MpDoc visualizes all differences clearly at a glance. The differences can be displayed and output in a clear table.

3. Storage and archiving of the program versions read in with AfM MpDoc

In addition to the generated table, AfM MpDoc saves the imported test plans completely in a compressed format.

CALYPSO® test plans read into AfM MpDoc can be completely restored at any time.

CD Laufwerk

4. Additional option "digital documentation"

All information belonging to a test plan is summarized at the touch of a button and burned on CD / DVD. The contents of the CD can be fully opened by any recipient using the AfM MpDoc Viewer supplied.

All AfM MpDoc functions are fully available, limited to the saved test plan.

Your advantages

  • The documentation enables simple and complete measurement coordination with customers / suppliers

  • Measurement program contents can be used universally by test planners even without CALYPSO® knowledge thanks to rapid conversion into readable formats

  • Revision and audit-proof documentation of CALYPSO® test plans including all measurement and evaluation strategies

  • With MpDoc, the customer-specific measurement and evaluation strategies can be described very easily. Create your own cookbook!

  • Comparison of test plan contents at the push of a button

  • Restoration of saved test plan versions

  • easy training of new employees in existing test plans

  • The contents of complex test plans such as loops, input / output parameters and PCM are clearly displayed

  • Measurement elements and test features can be linked to images


Demo videos


AfM MpDoc für Cookbook

AfM MpDoc für Cookbook
AfM MpDoc für Cookbook

AfM MpDoc für Cookbook

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AfM MpDoc Prüfplan Analyse

AfM MpDoc Prüfplan Analyse

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AfM MpDoc Prüfplan Vergleich

AfM MpDoc Prüfplan Vergleich

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AfM MpDoc Dokumentation Erstellen

AfM MpDoc Dokumentation Erstellen

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