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AfM system connection

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Technology & process consulting

We consider the data flow of the information in the overall process, taking into account the following systems:

  • CAD system
    Consideration of the available data formats.
    Data creation, data provision and change process

  • CAQ system
    Creation and modification of test plans / initial samples and bidirectional data exchange with the measurement software

  • Measurement software
    Data transfer from the CAQ system and feedback of the measurement results

  • aim
    Determination of media breaks and creation of an overall concept for the standardized and automated data flow


CAQ link

CAQ Link reads the measurement protocols of various measurement systems (CMM, form tester, etc.).

The measurement result is displayed and the operator decides whether the result should be forwarded to the CAQ system.

Your advantages

  • Fast plausibility check of the measurement results
    (Storage: yes / no)

  • Job-specific setting of the plausibility criteria

  • Freely configurable output formats for the CAQ system

Transfer information from the ERP system to the ZEISS CALYPSO test plan.

The solution is very flexible and can be easily adapted to customer-specific requirements.


ERP link


SAP coupling

  • Creation of test plan and measurement program
    In the first step, a measuring program is generated for CALYPSO in which all test features are created according to a previously defined feature list. At the same time, the associated test plan is generated in SAP.

  • Feedback of the measurement results
    After the test objects have been measured on the coordinate measuring machine, the measurement results are reported back to the corresponding test lot. The completion of the test characteristics and the usage decision are simplified.

  • Standardized applications and function blocks are used, which are configured as required

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