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I.O.360 Check

The I.O.360 Check combines all the requirements of the

DIN EN ISO 10360 in a compact and well thought-out tool


Users of a coordinate measuring machine usually trust that the CMM always fulfills the same quality in the results as was originally certified by the OEM. However, this no longer meets the current, ever-increasing requirements and it is becoming more important than ever for users to regularly monitor their CMM themselves in order to be able to act better in the case of geometric changes.


Exactly this is what AfM offers. With the very compact and well thought out down to the last detailed design of the I.O.10360 Check artefact, users can monitor the geometry of their coordinate measuring machine themselves at any time and in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10360.

The associated software uses the measured results to create standard-compliant protocols and the user thus immediately receives information as to whether the required quality is still being fulfilled or whether adjustments are necessary.

Your advantages

  • The complete DIN EN ISO 10360 in one case

  • Detailed descritpion of the measurement processes in the associated software

  • Time saving

  • Better monitoring of your coordinate measuring machine

  • Cost reduction


The Artefact "I.O.360 Check"



The I.O.360 Check was designed in such a way that it includes all the features to meet DIN EN ISO 10360. It consists of a calibrated step gauge, a calibrated ring D50 mm, a calibrated sphere D25 mm and two additional D25 mm spheres for acceptance of a rotary table. All features are DAkkS calibrated.

Due to the unique design of the base body, all orientations of a complete acceptance test can be oriented and measured without additional tools.




The I.O.360 Check is planned in three sizes

  • S -> step gauge with 180 mm -> Cooming Soon

  • M -> step gauge with 300 mm 

  • L -> step gauge with 500 mm -> Coming Soon

Größe M

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45° Stellung
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