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MpEdit from AfM Technology is a function extension for the MpDoc software. With MpEdit, a CALYPSO® test plan, which was first loaded into MpDoc and saved as documentation, can be edited and changed quickly and effectively.
When saving changed documentation using the "Save" function in the MpEdit menu, a new version of the documentation and an executable, changed CALYPSO® test plan are automatically saved under the same test plan name. This overwrites the original CALYPSO® test plan.


AfM MpEdit service content

1. Selection of the lines to be processed

With the cursor, single or multiple lines in the overall list can be marked for subsequent changes with MpEdit. Alternatively, specific lines can be selected using the search functions in MpDoc. Even in special selections, single or multiple lines can be marked for subsequent changes with MpEdit. All changes are only made in the marked lines.


2. Change of coordinates, nominal dimensions and tolerances

With the "General" function, coordinate values, nominal dimensions and tolerances are changed quickly and reliably for the marked lines via user-friendly input masks.

3. Processing of evaluation strategy / filter

Using the "Evaluation" function, selected evaluation strategies, filters and outliers can be applied to any measuring element (eg all circles).
Invalid entries are automatically intercepted!


Your advantages

  • adapt the evaluation method at the push of a button

  • quick and easy processing of CALYPSO® test plans

  • display and check of standard or function-related measurement and evaluation strategies used *

  • adjust and edit one or more lines
    at the same time → time savings

  • automatic versioning of changes

  • quick training of new employees in existing test plans

  • deposit of function-related strategies *

* Function not yet activated in the current MpEdit version

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