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In order to certify your coordinate measuring system or your CNC machine tool as an DIN EN ISO 10360-compliant coordinate measuring system, you need test specimens to calibrate the dimensional accuracy of the measuring process. These test specimens depend on the type of machine and the respective measurement task that is to be carried out within the machine. Therefore, the test specimen and the measurement task must be well coordinated with each other.


Did you know,

that we are happy to help you choose the right AFM test body for your measuring task and that you can receive free advice?


Regular proof of the quality of a coordinate measuring system is becoming increasingly important. In order to always receive updated certificates, external service providers usually have to be commissioned. This can lead to longer waiting times and high costs.

For these reasons, it is becoming more and more important to be able to provide proof of quality with automated processes.

This is exactly what we offer the solution for.


We have a catalog of AfM test bodies that we have perfectly synchronized with our "S4artefacts" software.

Test specimens that match the software are helpful because you can select the test specimens directly in the software and no additional customizing or additional setup is necessary.

We will of course be happy to help you choose the test specimen that has to match your measurement task.




Discover the inexpensive entry-level variant for your solution for interim Check and measurement system analysis.


I.O.360 Check

Increase the quality of your monitoring and use the I.O.360 Check to monitor your coordinate measuring system in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 10360 standard.

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