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Other products complement our product portfolio and can be used independently or in combination with one of the other products.


Test specimen

To certify your CNC machine tool as an ISO 10360-compliant measuring machine, you need test specimens to calibrate the dimensional accuracy of the measuring process. These test bodies depend on the type of machine and the respective measuring task that has to be carried out within the machine. Therefore, the test specimen and the measuring task must be well coordinated with one another.


Did you know,

that we are happy to help you choose the right AFM test body for your measuring task and that you can receive free advice?


We have a catalog of AfM test bodies that we have perfectly synchronized with our "S4artefacts" software.

Test specimens that match the software are helpful because you can select the test specimens directly in the software and no additional customizing or additional setup is necessary.

We will of course be happy to help you choose the test specimen that has to match your measurement task.


You have bought our software "S4artefacts" or you have bought our product "Make a CMM" .

In both cases the certification has to be checked again and again.



KMG Check 2.0

The KMG Check 2.0 is a universal DAkkS-calibrated or factory-calibrated test body for monitoring machine tools according to DIN EN ISO 10360 and VDI / VDE 2617.
The basis is a rigid body on which high-precision, calibrated measuring standards are attached.

Step gauge

Step gauges are used to test axis systems in accordance with ISO 10360-2.

We are happy to offer you step gauges from Koba and ITS.




With the help of the tetronom®, periodic tests, measuring equipment capability tests and tests regarding temperature behavior can be carried out quickly and reliably. Due to its design and the materials used, the tetronom® fulfills the requirements for a test body according to VDI / VDE 2617.

Due to its three-dimensional design, the testing of 3D measuring and machine tools is very efficient. Both the scale and the perpendicularity conditions are checked with just one list.

Each test specimen is delivered in a transport case. Every tetronom® is delivered with a calibration certificate on which the exact lengths and measurement uncertainties of the individual rods are specified. This meets the requirement for traceability to the national length standard and the tetronom® can be used as a reference standard. The basic package consists of 6 individual rods, the calibration certificate and optional basic software (tetronom® analyzer) for a quick target / actual comparison of the measurements.



Free measurement

With our software "S4freemeasure" you can measure any objects and rooms in the room dimensions length, width and height. Simply use your laser tracker and our "S4freemeasure" software.


With "S4freemeasure" you can measure any objects and rooms in the three axes of the room.


Do you want to measure an object or a room in terms of length, width and height? Do you have a laser tracker for this, but no suitable software? "S4freemeasure" can do it!