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Make your CNC machine tool more accurate. Create the conditions so that you can produce with smaller tolerances and thus produce higher quality products and produce fewer rejects.


The functional principle of "S4analyze & correct" is simply explained: We record the geometrically reproducible deviations of your CNC machine tool with the help of our unique software solution and suitable measuring equipment (e.g. laser).

This significantly increases the manufacturing quality.

Our software calculates a correction file from this, which is then imported into the CNC control of your machine.

All relevant error positions are readjusted by this software intervention so that your machine then produces more precisely.

Many systematic errors are "factored out" and compensated for by the adapted control.

The result is a manufacturing accuracy of your CNC machine tool that is up to 85% higher. You can with it

  • produce more precisely

  • Reduce scrap

  • Inspire customers

  • Save time and money

  • ensure more sustainability in the production process.

If you need support in setting up the software, we will help with a suitable training offer. If you want us to fully support the tuning of your machine in order to ultimately grant your machine the coveted AfM certificate for high accuracy, take a look at our corresponding service.

Do you want to certify your tuned machine tool as an ISO 10360 compliant measuring machine? Then take a look at our " S4artefacts " software and our corresponding service . This gives you a measuring machine certified according to ISO 10360.


If you just adhere to the permissible tolerances on your production parts in your production, there is a high probability that rejects will result. These

  • cost time through necessary rework,

  • lead to dissatisfied customers or even loss of customers

  • cost money through the expenditure for machines and personnel and through reject parts,

  • may even cause delivery problems for your customers and you can under certain circumstances

  • result in a waste of resources.

If you use our product s4analyze & correct, you can solve this problem easily, efficiently and with intelligent software and calibration processes.


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