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We create a completely new way of determining the measurement uncertainty of test characteristics with coordinate measuring systems.


AfM Technology GmbH can now offer software for the automated calculation of test characteristic-related measurement uncertainties, which is based on PTB's validated simulation software.

Your Benefits

  • practical, as no special knowledge is required to determine measurement uncertainties

  • early retrieval of information for the testing process and for the correct and literally meaningful manufacturing process

  • critical test characteristics identifiable

  • calculation of the measurement uncertainty without machine occupancy times of the CMM possible if offline licenses are available for the existing measurement software

  • knowledge of the measurement uncertainty is a prerequisite for determining the test process suitability of the measuring equipment


The methods mostly used to date to determine measurement uncertainties are often associated with a great deal of effort (complex software, calibrated workpiece) and also require a high level of technical competence and experience on the part of the user, especially in this area.



The process






S teach


Provision of coordinate measuring system information


S teach

Software Training

The training for our software products s4artefacts, s4analyze & correct, s4uncertainty and s4freemeasure takes place depending on which product or which product combination you have purchased.




S4artefacts or


S4analyze & correct or




S4uncertainty or


Did you know,

that we always adapt our training curriculum so that your products or your product combination are optimally taken into account?


We offer you a training program which we adapt to the software solution you have procured or the combination of the software solutions you have procured. In our training we will show you how to use the software with all its possibilities.

If you would also like to use our software in practice, we offer you service packages for tuning your CNC machine tool for more accuracy or for upgrading your tuned CNC machine tool to a certified measuring machine .

The training always takes place as an online event, tailored to the software products you have procured. We arrange an individual training session and then conduct it as an online session with you. You will receive a recording of the online meeting and further training material as well as the instructions for the software.

If there is a need to carry out on-site training, we would be happy to make you an individual offer.


You have obtained a software product from AfM. "S4artefacts", "S4analyze & correct", "S4uncertainty" or "S measure" are now in your possession. You would like to find out how you can use the products perfectly on your own or in combination with one another. This is exactly what our "S teach" product was developed for.


S teach
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