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Make your machine tool also a measuring machine. Make one out of two machines and optimize your manufacturing process.


Our "S4artefacts" software enables your CNC machine tool machine to be certified as a measuring machine. Your machine tool can thus receive an ISO 10360-compliant certification for the measuring machine.

With this ingenious combination of your CNC machine tool and the additional option of using it as a certified measuring machine, you can:

  • Significantly optimize your production process

  • to save time

  • save money

  • Minimize scrap

The whole thing is done through a clever combination of our innovative software solution, a calibration process shown in it and a calculated readjustment of the geometric axis deviations of your machine.

If you need support in setting up the software, we will help with a suitable training offer . If you want us to completely accompany the calibration of your machine in order to finally give your machine the coveted ISO seal as a measuring machine, take a look at our corresponding service .

Do you need the appropriate test specimens ? We also have these on offer. Take a look at our AfM test bodies and our OEM test bodies already integrated into the software.


In the production process there is a need to check manufactured parts for dimensional accuracy. For this purpose, the part manufactured on a CNC machine tool must be removed and checked on a measuring machine. Only after the test on the measuring machine can a test report be created and a statement made as to whether the part can be further processed or used. It can of course also happen that the part is scrap.

In some cases, further processing on the original CNC machine is required in the manufacturing process. In this case, after the measurement, the part must be removed from the measuring machine, placed in the machine tool and processed further. This process can be repeated several times.

Set-up times are always necessary for installing and removing the part in the CNC tool machine and measuring machine. That costs time and money. To make matters worse, it can happen that manufactured parts are found to be scrap in the course of the measurement because the measurement was made "too late".

The process of measurement in the manufacturing process

  • costs a lot of time and money and

  • requires resources (employees, machines, conveyor technology, ...) and

  • can also lead to rejects.

How awesome would it be if this procedure could be drastically simplified? How awesome it would be if your CNC machine tool were also a measuring machine. This is exactly what our software "S4artefacts" does.



The process






S teach





S teach

Softw are Training

The training for our software products s4artefacts, s4analyze & correct, s4uncertainty and s4freemeasure takes place depending on which product or which product combination you have purchased.




S4artefacts or

S4uncertainty or




S4analyze&correct or


Did you know,

that we always adapt our training curriculum so that your products or your product combination are optimally taken into account?


We offer you a training program which we adapt to the software solution you have procured or the combination of the software solutions you have procured. In our training we will show you how to use the software with all its possibilities.

If you would also like to use our software in practice, we offer you service packages for tuning your CNC machine tool for more accuracy or for upgrading your tuned CNC machine tool to a certified measuring machine .

The training always takes place as an online event, tailored to the software products you have procured. We arrange an individual training session and then conduct it as an online session with you. You will receive a recording of the online meeting and further training material as well as the instructions for the software.

If there is a need to carry out on-site training, we would be happy to make you an individual offer.


You have obtained a software product from AfM. "S4artefacts", "S4analyze & correct" "S4uncertainty" or "S measure" are now in your possession. You would like to find out how you can use the products perfectly on your own or in combination with one another. This is exactly what our "S teach" product was developed for.


S teach

Managed Service

Complementary service package

Have you now purchased one of our software and completed the relevant training? Is it also possible to complete the entire process with one of our service packages? Would you like to go all out and turn your machine tool into an ISO 10360-certified measuring machine? Or just tune your machine tool?


Make a CMM

Make your machine tool also an ISO-compliant measuring machine. Make one out of two machines and optimize your manufacturing process.

Make a tune

Increase the manufacturing accuracy of your CNC machine tool. Create the prerequisites so that you can comply with tolerances more easily through better dimensional accuracy and thus avoid potential rejects.

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